Food Safety and Your Family: Taking Steps to Erase Consumer Doubt

NewsUSA) – Frequent food recalls have left consumers worried about foodborne illness. With recent outbreaks affecting lettuce, spinach, peppers, beef, tomatoes, cilantro, peanut butter and pistachios, it seems like no food is safe.

With unemployment and health care costs on the rise, few Americans can afford missed work or medical costs from food poisoning. Foodborne bacteria can lead to medical impairments, bankruptcy and — in serious cases — death.

But consumers, aside from taking precautions when handling and cooking certain foods, can’t avoid contamination that occurs during manufacture, preparation or packaging. Potentially dangerous foods look no different from safe items. Through the naked eye, it is nearly impossible to know whether food is contaminated.

To solve America’s food safety issues, food must be guaranteed safe before it’s available for purchase. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration simply doesn’t have the manpower to inspect every farm, food manufacturer and food service operator. Luckily for consumers, some private labels are working to make America’s grocery store shelves safer.

Global Food Technologies, Inc. created its iPura Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program to significantly reduce the chances of food poisoning. Foods displaying the blue iPura seal have undergone testing, organic cleaning, more testing, and packaging in a controlled environment, preventing cross-contamination.

Americans purchasing iPura-branded foods know their items were packaged safely, so they don’t have to worry about serving up dangerous bacteria at dinnertime.

Private label food-safety programs like Global Food Technologies, Inc. could prove key in eliminating food safety concerns. Consumers will no doubt look for safe food brands, and in avoiding food poisoning, Americans will need fewer sick days. Food manufacturers and retail industries may also see benefits as consumer doubts about their brands are erased.

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